SATURDAY - April 15th


      1p              Bill White -  Major league baseball player from 1956 to 1969 will speak about the great Jackie Robinson and his contributions to

                         society both on the field and off.  As a player, Bill White played a major role in the desegregation of spring training.  From 1989 to

                       1994 he served as President of Major League Baseball's National League which made him the first African American President of                          a major sports league. (Auditorium)

      2p              La Lura White M.D. (aka Dr. Rose) - A dedicated Obstetrician/Gynecologist and Maternal Fetal Medicine Specialist with over 33

                         years of professional experience in providing quality health care services to women will discuss the importance of having a well-

                         developed personal health program to achieve and maintain a healthy existence.  Her recently published book, "Simple Steps to

                         a Better You" is an inspirational self-help book designed to assist women in improving their lifestyle physically, mentally,

                         spiritually and emotionally.  Books will be available for purchase and signing both days. (Suite 111B)

      2p               Michael I. Days - Obama's Legacy: What He Accomplished As President.  Michael Days is editor of the Philadelphia Daily News and

                         is distinguished in local history as the first African American to lead the paper in its 90 year history.  Under his leadership, the

                         the Philadelphia Daily News has won dozens of national, state and local awards, including a Pulitzer Prize for investigative

                         reporting.  He will discuss the accomplishments and legacy of the first and only person elected to be the most powerful person

                         on our planet.  Books are available for purchase and signing before and after his presentation. (Suite 110)

      3p              Dr. George Fraser - Chairman and CEO of Frasernet, Inc a global networking movement for people of African descent.  Dr. Fraser

                         will host the screening of the movie, "The New Black Friday" followed by a presentation of his latest initiative "Economics is the

                         New Black Power".  (Suite 110)

Panel Discussions

  12p - 1p         Introduction to Genealogy - African American Genealogy Group (Suite 109B)

                         Learn how to trace your family lineage.

  1p - 2:30p     Our Musical Journeys (Suite 109B)   Discussions and book signings with Black music industry legends Harry Coombs,   

                        "My Musical Journey - A Memoir".  To preview this book go to youtube/IAOPQDfsQic;  Linda Wills, "The Great Record Promoter -

                         Behind the Scene in the Record Industry". Preview at; and Varnell Johnson - President of the

                         Living Legends Foundation which is dedicated to preserving the rich legacy of those unsung music industry legends. 

                         Discussion will be moderated by radio industry legend W. Cody Anderson.


3:30p - 5p       Rootz and Rhythm; Promoting and Preserving Our Urban Swing Dance Heritage

                         A panel discussion on the history of the Lindy Hop (Harlem Swing Dance Society), Bop (Philly Boppers), and DC Hand Dance

                         (National Hand Dance Association of Washington, D.C. and Baltimore Hand Dance (New Charm City Hand Dance Association

                         of Baltimore, MD).  Includes dance demonstrations.  Guest speakers Dr Katrina Hazzard and Lois Fernandez.



Documentaries (Suite 110)

 12p              The Jackie Robinson Story (starring Jackie Robinson as himself and Ruby Dee)   


  4p               Pride and Perseverance: The Story of the Negro Leagues 

  5p               Letters From Jackie: The Private Thoughts of Jackie Robinson




   Sunday - April 16th  

   1p          Universal African Dance and Drum Ensemble  (Auditorium Room 114)


    3p          Clef Club Student Ensemble Jazz Appreciation Month Concert (Auditorium Room 114)

Panel Discussions / Conversations / Performances


   1p          Introduction to Geneaology  (Room 109B)

   2p          Know Your Soul: The Music of a Lifetime - Robert A. Brown author, lecturer and R&B music cultural anthropoligist will discuss his new

                 book which explores "soul music" of the 60's and 70's and it's social, cultural and political impact on America.  His amusing   

                 audience participation presentation will take you down memory lane while testing your R&B music IQ.  Books will be available both  

                 days. (Suite 109B)

   3p          Keeping HERSTORY Alive - Historical performers Denise Valentine as Sojourner Truth and Euell Nielsen as Elizabeth Gloucester  

                  (Room 109B)


Documentaries  (Room 110)

   12p        Nine From Little Rock: The Heroism of nine students in Little Rock, Arkansas 

                  Little Rock Central: 50 Years Later

     2p        Ella Fitzgerald: The Legendary First Lady of Song         





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